Zedd Launches Album with Jaw Dropping Empire State Building Lightshow [VIDEO]

And the award for best album publicity goes to Zedd! His True Colors experience tour had to have been one of the most interesting and unique ways to showcase a new album in recent memory. In addition, Zedd let each of us in with a video recap after every event. Now that True Colors has finally released this week, Zedd had to take things up a notch. He celebrated his album launch in none other than New York City, and had one last True Colors demonstration for us all. At Midnight on Tuesday, Zedd unleashed a synchronized light show on the Empire State Building set to the album’s title track.

To make things even better, he uploaded a gorgeous Youtube video almost immediately afterwards. With all of the amazing visuals festival fans have become accustomed to, it is really something else entirely to see such an iconic structure used as the backdrop for electronic music. We know the Empire State Building can light up for different occasions, but this has to be one of the most impressive light shows the New York City landmark can do. With Tiesto’s Club Life New York launching this week as well, it’s certainly a big week for the Big Apple in the world of dance music. Check out the video below and pick up True Colors today.