[Video] Watch the Full Trailer for Zac Efron’s EDM Movie, We Are Your Friends

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As much as dance music has exploded in popularity and become the sound of a generation, it has still struggled to make its way into the regular pop culture. Dance music is still snubbed when compared with other musical genres in the mainstream community, just take a look at how it gets treated at the Grammys or on Pop radio. On the pop culture stage, our community is still portrayed merely through neon, some lasers, and unfortunately through drugs. Further, the dance music culture is almost completely absent from TV or movies until now. First was Major Lazer‘s cartoon series on FXX, which might be the only time there has been a TV episode themed around raving on Ibiza. Now Zac Efron‘s DJ movie, We Are Your Friends, is getting a full trailer release, and it is surprisingly poignant.

The trailer shows that this movie really speaks to the EDM community at large, whether it be DJs, promoters, or fans. While the movie is obviously going to overdo things a bit in Hollywood style and will probably not cater to the underground audience, the general concept and atmosphere of the trailer captures the excitement of the dance music subculture that is finally making its way firmly into popular culture.

Find your sound. Find your future. The We Are Your Friends trailer is officially out! #maxjoseph #WAYF

Posted by Zac Efron on Tuesday, May 19, 2015