United Nations Praises Tomorrowland For It’s Global Presence

Tomorrowland is the most recognizable festival amongst electronic music buffs across the world. You can probably scrap the electronic aspect since the density of the countries representing the planet surpassed 200 plus. With the amount of positive presence spread throughout the festival, conjoining in surplus of continental flags and languages alike, it’s no wonder the United Nations has stumbled upon them.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon bestowed Tomorrowland with a message: “Let’s work as one towards dignity for all.” Engraved onto a wooden plaque, this quote along with over 210,000 other personalized messages have been added to the One World bridge: an art installment designed by Arne Quinze.

This bridge – and indeed, the Tomorrowland festival in general – symbolizes some of the core values the United Nations strives to uphold every day around the world: dignity, respect, diversity and solidarity,” Ki-Moon explained. “It is exciting to think that two months from now, nearly 200,000 young people and music fans from almost every country in the world will come together at the Tomorrowland festival to celebrate life through the unifying force of music.