The Prodigy Hints At Retirement In New Interview

 photo The-Prodigy-Announce-UK-Spring-Tour-2015-1024x681_zpsfbflb67y.jpg

Seems like The Prodigy is thinking of calling it quits, citing age as a factor. After making music for 25 years and releasing their sixth studio album, The Day Is My Enemy (which topped the UK charts), earlier this year, Keith Flint, the group’s lead vocalist, thinks, “the band’s gonna come to an end at some point. And it’s got to be soon. It will end before we want it to because of the realities of age.”

The Prodigy’s members, who are all over 40, have not decided on an actual date to stop making and playing music. Actually, Flint finds himself, “more settled in the band and everything else than I’ve ever been. The people decide when we f*ck off, but it can’t go on forever.”

The Prodigy is still scheduled to tour the UK this coming month and are headlining the Isle of Wight Festival alongside The Black Keys in June, as well as a few other festivals across Europe this summer. That being said, fans shouldn’t be too worried, as it doesn’t look like the legendary group is going anywhere any time soon.

Source: NME