Paul van Dyk Releases “The Politics of Dancing 3” with Collaborative Focus

The Politics of Dancing 3
Initially conceived as a compilation mix, The Politics of Dancing has evolved throughout the decades as dance music has evolved, and Grammy award winning DJ and producer Paul van Dyk is finally back after 10 long years with the third edition of the legendary series. Embracing a more modern approach to music production, The Politics of Dancing 3 shifts the focus of the album to artistic collaborations. Over 20 artists appear on the album, from singers and song writers to producers and DJ’s, and van Dyk works alongside each of them to create an album that was well worth the wait. Much has happened in the dance music arena in the last decade, and Paul van Dyk is well aware of this, as he elaborates on what a difference such a long hiatus makes:

“The third Politics of Dancing’s sound is, to me, more about what I’m about than the first two albums even. With them, I took music from other people and mixed, remixed and articulated it into the releases. Now we’re talking about tracks that I’ve written and co-written with other artists. So this is pretty much my idea of what electronic music should sound like now. ‘Politics’ is almost like a ‘sound dictionary’ of where I’m at musically. For me it continues the theme/thread of the first two, whilst acknowledging the passage of time between the then and the now.”

With this latest release, it’s clear that Paul van Dyk is fully believes in the transformative power of music and it’s ability to unite people around the world, and with a stellar tracklist and collaborators he seems poised to do just that. The Politics of Dancing 3 is available now to stream on Spotify, and for purchase in most major music stores.

The Politics of Dancing 3 Tracklist:

01. Paul van Dyk and Mark Eteson feat Tricia McTeague – Heart Like An Ocean
02: Paul van Dyk feat Sue McLaren – Lights
03: Paul van Dyk, FKN and Mohamed Ragab feat. Jahala – My World
04: Mino Safy Around The Garden – Paul van Dyk Remix
05: Paul van Dyk and Michael Tsukerman feat Patrick Droney – What We’re Livin For
06: Paul van Dyk and Giuseppe Ottaviani feat Fisher – In Your Arms
07: Paul van Dyk and Ummet Ozcan – Come With Me (We Are One) (Paul van Dyk Festival Mix)
08: Paul van Dyk and Aly & Fila feat Sue McLaren – Guardian
09: Paul van Dyk and Las Salinas feat. Betsie Larkin – Love Is
10: Paul van Dyk and Genix – For You
11: Paul van Dyk and Stoneface & Terminal – Follow Me
12: Paul van Dyk and Jordan Suckley – City Of Sound
13: Paul van Dyk, Jessus and Adham Ashraf feat Tricia McTeague – Only In A Dream (PvD Club Mix)
14: Paul van Dyk and Roger Shah feat Daphne Khoo – Louder (PvD vs Ben Nicky Remix)