Major Lazer Honors The ‘Weedman’ In Animated Show


Major Lazer is inescapable lately, throwing tracks from all mediums and playing mad impromptu sets. Trinidad James vocalizes Diplo’s stoner project in new track ‘Weedman.’ The rap track was featured in the first episode of Major Lazer, where James also stars as the blunt-licking character. In the scene, female protagonist Penny was told to go to Weedman’s lair to find some grassy heaven, and is immediately welcomed into the extensive tree farm. The hypnotic animation suggests for fans to take a ride with the supplier and roll up. It’s a dope track that might actually get you to follow Weedman’s mellow weed road. Tune in for more Major Lazer tracks Thursdays on FXX’s animation domination. Watch ‘Weedman‘ from animated TV show Major Lazer here: