Kaskade Invests into Super Music Group as Minority Stakeholder


Super Music Group
With the music scene in Miami growing at a rapid rate, it is no wonder the multi-Grammy nominated DJ/Producer Kaskade has decided to invest into Miami’s own “Super Music Group.

Super Music Group originally began as a start-up record label in 2010 by childhood friends Brandon Kessler and Derek. Three years later they extended their services to include a full service boutique artist management firm. Super music continued their expansion by partnering with Miami’s nightlife firm Poplife, adding Jake Jefferson and Aramis Lorie to their team. Super Music Group’s current artist roster includes Amtrak, Craze, Robb Bank$, DZA, Sluggers, Ape Drums, Posso and more.

The announcement of Kaskade and Little Empire Music acquiring a minority ownership stake in Super Music Group came yesterday with much excitement.

Little Empire Music is a Los Angeles-based Artist Management Company founded by Stephanie LaFera and includes some of the music industry’s biggest names. Their roster including artists like Kasakde, Dirtyphonics, Galantis, Style of Eye, Late Night Alumni.

Super Music Group’s addition will further improve networking resources and provide ample opportunity for global reach while also giving Little Empire Music the chance to have a stable presence in Miami’s music community. The alliance will boost business for the new and improved team and also help to further develop the ability of the artists under management by the groups.

The two firms first started working together through Amtrac, when he was booked as an opening gig for a few of Kaskade’s shows in Vegas. Not long after came official Kaskade remixes by Amtrac and before you not it more opportunities presented themselves. “I first got to know what Super Music was really about after inviting their client Amtrac to open on the entire Atmosphere Tour in 2013,” said Kaskade. “It became apparent that not only do we have like-minded taste in music, but that these guys deliver at every possible opportunity.”

LaFera approached the Super Music guys with an offer to buy in, that was followed by almost automatic acceptance. Kaskade and Little Empire Music remain as minority stakeholders to ensure that Super Music Group continues to run things how they have, but also boost their  overall confidence.

Image Source: Billboard