Hot Since 82 Brings TAKEN Series to NYC

Not many can claim to have such a meteoric rise to fame as Hot Since 82 has. Sporting 4 ‘Essential New Tunes’, 2 BBC ‘Essential Mixes’, his 2013 album ‘Little Black Book’, a top 10 Beatport seller of all time with his ‘Bigger Than Prince‘ remix and too many other accomplishments to keep track of, Hot Since 82 has since began to push the envelope again with his TAKEN series.

Having already sold out the LA event in only a few hours, TAKEN is being brought to the Big Apple on June 20. Just as the title suggests, guests are “taken”. Blindfolded and transported to a secret location in a blacked out bus, not knowing who is sitting next to you, giveing a whole new experience to this generation of electronic music audiophiles.

This is one of the most exciting and interesting experiences I’ve had as a DJ! TAKEN is about pushing the boundaries and giving something back to my fans, a bespoke event that’ll be remembered for years to come. It’s also a little nod to the old illegal rave days, where people didn’t know where the party was being held.

Tickets aren’t available publicly so register here for a chance to be TAKEN.