‘Heard But Not Seen’ Shows The World The Behind-The-Scenes Of EDM

Heard But Not Seen

There’s no better way to learn than from others experiences. Everyday students and kids will reach out to industry experts for advice on “how to make it” or advice on where to begin. Although with the growing role of social media, these experts have a powerful platform to preach their past experiences to the masses via videos, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc. To give aspiring dance music fans an in-depth look at the exploding industry, Doug Bogan and Mike Koziel traveled around the world to compile interviews and clips into their documentary Heard But Not Seen.

Videos of artist interviews surface daily. Heard But Not Seen digs much deeper into the life blood that the industry runs on by really going down the supply chain and getting interviews from managers, bloggers, production heads, audio engineers, entertainment planners, and more. Instead of giving the typical artist interview on how they made it, this documentary gives people of all skills a connecting insight into experts of the dance music industry. Heard But Not Seen is available for streaming on Youtube below.