Goldroom Collaborates With Snapchat To Release New EP


If my entire day consisted of me lying on the beach and listening to Goldroom, I would consider it a day well spent. The Los Angeles based producer just knows how to capture those west coast vibes and share them through his music. Today, Goldroom teamed up with Snapchat to spread more of that coastal love by promoting the release of his new EP, It’s Like You Never Went Away, now available on iTunes. Goldroom will be taking over Snapchat’s Discover Channel for the rest of the week, premiering a new music video from the EP each day that will sequence into a short film. Along with the music videos, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage will be released on the Discover Channel as well.

As for the EP itself, you’re really getting two and a half new songs out of the four on the track. Fans of Goldroom will recognize the leading track, ‘Embrace’, as the title track from his last EP but now featuring the sultry vocals from George Maple. ‘California Rain’ and ‘Tradewinds’ are the two new songs to be released on It’s Like You Never Went Away; the closing track, ‘Fifteen’, can also be recognized from the Embrace EP. The songs flow smoothly and should make for an interesting short film when put together with the music videos. ‘It’s Like You Never Went Away‘ can be bought on iTunes here. For a preview of the album, check out the stream to ‘Embrace’ below.