Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder – Diamonds Ft. Charli XCX

If you get Charli XCX involved with your music, chances are, you’ll get a pretty good product. Giorgio Moroder takes a chance with punk pop and goes retro on ‘Diamonds.’ And XCX seems to be calling most of the shots, excluding the robotic mention of “diamonds,” which is all Moroder and his Daft Punk fixation. Seriously, the track feels like it can be another single from Sucker, which is never a bad thing. Moroder shows off his relevance and mixing ability by infecting us with the quintessential XCX chorus. And with their intersecting music styles, it’s no wonder this track is this catchy. His open-mindedness to XCX’s style will break down the wall between him and the current generation, who might’ve not heard of the electronic-disco legend before. ‘Diamonds‘ is yet another teaser and collaboration, among the likes of Sia, Kylie Minogue, and Britney Spears, for his first album in 30 years Déjà Vu, set to release June 12. He cites Daft Punk, and their autobiographical work on Random Access Memories track ‘Giorgio by Moroder,’ as a major reason for making music again.