Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials

Dave Parkinson
Being in the limelight is only one part of being a producer, and often times it’s not sought out or a desirable position to be in. While Dave Parkinson has had his fair share over the years, playing the keys for the alternative rock band Happy Mondays starting in 2004, writing and producing their 2007 album Uncle Dysfunktional, producing indie rock band Babyshambles’ The Blinding E.P. in 2006 and working under various aliases like Revolution 9 to express his love for trance music, he’s had the most impact on the music industry playing a behind the scenes role. Working with artists such as Fergie, Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Simon Patterson, John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Paul Oakenfold, Eddie Bitar, Tall Paul and countless others, it’s obvious his knowledge and influence are very much respected in the music community.

In an effort to educate and further the trance community, Dave has created a sample pack completely original in nature. After two years of tinkering with sounds, buttons and knobs, Mr. Parkinson has created the biggest sample pack known to date for Freshly Squeezed. Included with the 14GB (uncompressed), are three categories of MIDI files, samples, presets and more with the Logic template files for all of the melodic content in the pack being released a few weeks later on Sample Foundry. While a lot of these samples are hard dance inspired, being around 134-140 bpm in nature, there are still hugely creative ways of using this pack while making and mixing other genres of music.

Dave Parkinson

Dave had this to say about his inspiration for the production of this cutting edge sample pack.

“There’s so many great young producers coming through right now, making amazing records. I have an archive of music samples and sounds spanning over 25 years. Dance music is always moving forward. That’s why I have done this. I want to share my history with music and sounds…the answers to the future lie in the past! Hopefully I will inspire new young producers and watch them develop.”

You can snag the pack on Freshly Squeezed Samples’ website and below are three tracks made out of said samples. Enjoy!