The Chainsmokers Bid Farewell to Soundcloud

The Chainsmokers
The streaming music wars just never end. We were irritated enough at the idea of “exclusives” of services like TIDAL, but we could generally always feel secure that any music we wanted we find its way to Soundcloud. Now yet another artist is being forced to pull their library and presumably their account from Soundcloud. The Chainsmokers took some time in their latest Nice Hair Radio show to mention that their show would be their last entry on Soundcloud. They explain that as Sony owns Ultra Music, we would unfortunately end up seeing a lot more of these Soundcloud purges in the future due to the dispute between Sony and Soundcloud. The guys obviously disagree with the situation, as they got their start on Souncloud, but it is beyond their control.

Whether these moves will bring Soundcloud back to the negotiating table with better terms or whether users will simply continue to evade automatic filters remains to be seen. Let’s hope that the future of music streaming does not continue to become more fragmented or we might all just have to go back to torrents. You can checkout their radio show below and give a final listen to their library on Soundcloud before Sony foolishly pulls it.