Cazzette - Blind Heart (Broiler Remix)

Cazzette – Blind Heart (Broiler Remix)

Cazzette has made the transition from remixer to the remixed quite rapidly. Prolific, shiny electro, ‘Blind Heart’, came out of nowhere about 6 months ago and blew most of us away. Since then, there has been a number of quality remixes issued forth, however Broiler’s deep house remix deserves the spotlight today. This is an exquisite use of Cazzette’s single that was able to be transformed into a smooth, future vibe that really harbours your attention. It’s not a fusion that was easily predicted, but makes perfect sense now that it’s been released. Broiler are definitely a duo to keep tabs on. If this kind of future fusion with deep house can be continued, someone call Oliver Heldens- we’ve found his new opener. Enjoy this as you push back into the regular week and keep on grooving.