Wish I Was- Josie (Feat. Karra)

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 5.18.37 PM_zpsrtarisju.png
The ambiguous electronica group known as Wish I Was has released yet another chilling single. Their track “Josie” that encompasses the vocals of Karra, is remarkably nostalgic much alike other productions put forward by the faction. The joint unit operates together out of Los Angeles however the members are “unknown, even to us [them]”, which is certainly an interesting and unique way to generate group production, but we won’t judge.

The recent production cultivated but Wish I Was entitled “Josie” encompasses the elements of electronica music that are fused together with the slight presence of stylistic characteristics of indie. “Josie” subsumes a harmonious yet pulsing baseline that is juxtaposed by the ghostly and ethereal vocals produced on the track by Karra. If you’re in search of a chillout tune in order to wind down from an action-packed Ultra weekend, look no further. Wish I Was’s “Josie” is available for your listening pleasure below and be sure to check out the groups soundcloud page to stay updated with their latest productions.