Sonny Gets Creative With New Solo-Skrillex Album Announcement


In a surprising turn of events, Skrillex has decided to announce the release of a new album via the IABowling YouTube channel. In case you were curious, IABowling is short for “International Art of Bowling.” Soon after Skrillex proclaims himself “the most famous bad bowler” he’s asked by Australian PBA Champion, Jason Belmonte: “What’s new coming out? Tell us what’s new. Tell everyone out there, all your fans, what’s new?”

Skrillex starts by mentioning the upcoming “Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U” album which has since been released on February 27th. So, obviously the video was recorded over a month ago. Then, in a moment of clarity, he decides this would be an excellent opportunity to add that a Skrillex album will also be “out soon.” Obviously the verbiage out soon can mean a lot of different things in the music world. We hope that the ambiguity is intentionally subtle and that we’ll hear more about the album soon. Stay tuned.

“You gotta let it flow, you gotta be relaxed”

Could this be the start of a new trend? We look forward to seeing how other producers try to 1-up this type of “album announcement.”