Ratatat Returns After 5 Years of Silence With ‘Cream On Chrome’

Ratatat – Cream on Chrome

Leading up to their Coachella performance, New York-based duo Ratatat induced nostalgia this week with their release of a new single, “‘Cream On Chrome’.

The new track is smoother than older works, like ‘Seventeen Years‘, instead favoring a silkier style which evokes memories of ‘Loud Pipes‘. The latter, a track off their 2006 album, offers a relevant point of comparison to this new release: a diversity of guitar rifts still hold a prevalence, intermittently pausing their dominance for different directions. In each of these movements, new layers combine to eclectic effect; drum kits surrender to one another, consistently presenting new interactions and cross-breeded sounds. As old fans no doubt expect, these interactions keep the song fresh and irresistibly re-playable. Still echoing the grungy beginnings of their home studio beginnings, Ratatat has returned. Stay tuned for the duo’s future work, and check out the official video below.