PLUR Exhibition at Woodstock ’69 Festival Grounds, Home of Mysteryland USA

Bethel Woods had been known for its history in connection to the legendary Woodstock Festival, held in 1969. The musical memorial began forging a new legacy for itself in 2014 when it opened its doors to the venue’s first campers since 1969: Mysteryland USA. The festival returns in 2015, and the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is hosting a specialized exhibition titled Peace, Love, Unity, Respect: The Rise of Electronic Music Culture in America:

“Inspired by the new sounds and crowds Mysteryland has brought to Bethel Woods, the Museum will present an exhibit on the history, aesthetics, and communities that have fostered electronic dance music in America. With music, lights, interactive festival artworks, costumes, and artifacts from disco, rave, club, and electronic music culture, the exhibit will be a trip through 30 years of a musical culture that lands right outside our doors this spring.”

The exhibition is being featured through May 31st. Mysteryland festival-goers will be able to visit the museum throughout Memorial Day weekend. More information on Bethel Woods, the Performing Arts Center, and the PLUR exhibition can be found on their website. If you don’t already have your tickets for Mysteryland USA, 2015, be sure to buy yours now.