Michal Menert – Space Jazz Album [Free Download]

Space Jazz

Michal Menert – Space Jazz

Denver-based electronic producer, Michal Menert, just released his third, full-length album Space Jazz, today. This highly anticipated, 15-track production feat by the original Pretty Light‘s member has been two years in the making, and rightfully so, as the final product proved to be well worth the wait. Although Menert has already staked his musical claim in the soul and hip-hop arena, his new LP is a standing testament to his musical versatility and ability to seamlessly incorporate a variety of musical influences under one original sound. Without regard to customs or trends, Michal Menert’s Space Jazz opens up a realm of new possibilities for electronic fans, as it cannot be classified under one binding genre or style.

As a key player in the electro-soul world, Menert has diverged from yet simultaneously plays off of, his roots for this newest release; mostly due to the fact that he has been performing as of late with more than a dozen collaborators and musicians, collectively called the “Big Band.” This “Big Band” is a new creative musical outlet for Menert and its influence is strongly heard throughout Space Jazz. With a total of twelve different collaborators, ranging from Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, Borham Lee of Break Science, and Manic Focus, Space Jazz boasts live drums, fusion jazz with synthesizers, hip-hop, soul, blues and electronic influences. From its spacey and washed-out tracks, to its wide range of styles, Space Jazz utilizes a span of musical perspectives and musical creativity to convey a style that is gentle, deep and soulful. A truly innovative, fresh, funky and forward-thinking release from one of electronic music’s best!

Stream Michal Menert’s Space Jazz below or grab it for free here!