Jay-Z Clears the Air with #TidalFacts, Spawns Parody Account

While many say that Tidal is a colossal flop and a waste of time, nobody can deny that Tidal has provided a healthy dose of comedic value over the past few weeks. In response to a wave (get it?) of negative commentary, Jay-Z took to Twitter to defend his company with a “stream of consciousness.” Under the hashtag #tidalfacts, Jay-Z remarked on issues from the number of subscribers to the fact that he sent his cousin to Nigeria to scout for new talent for the service.  The nuggets of wisdom ranged from misleading to downright funny, and the internet quickly took notice.

Soon after a parody Twitter account popped up to provide more comedy at Tidal’s expense. The tweets range from sarcastic jabs at the company to literal facts about tides and the moon. It does not appear that Tidal is winning anybody over yet, but we’ll just have to wait and see who Tidal discovers in Nigeria before we decide for sure.