New World Sound And Uberjak’d Are ‘Bouncing’ Across America [EDMT Interview]

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‘Bounce Those Mates’ Tickets

Last week, the guys from New World Sound and Uberjak’d kicked off their American Bounce Those Mates tour. When talking to them at Philadelphia’s Lit Ultrabar, the guys were super psyched to tour across the country – despite not knowing who came up with the tour’s name.

The [United] States is unreal. The energy, the people here, it’s just good vibes. I feel really welcomed over here. Really nice hospitality. In America, everyone really really loves the actual music. When you’re at a show you can genuinely see that the people are there because they want the music. It’s the main reason why they’re there; because they love the music and they actually want to have a good time with their friends.

Stoked to announce we’re going to be touring the U.S with our boy Uberjakd! 󾓬󾓦

Posted by New World Sound on Friday, April 10, 2015

New World Sound and Uberjak’d are each promoting new EP releases. Both leaned heavily on collaborative work and trying new things with other producers. They seem awesomely connected to the scene, their passionate fans, and their musical colleagues.

I think the best thing obviously doing this with mates makes it awesome. Touring with a few of our mates, can’t beat it… That’s one of the most powerful things about music, bringing people together. The vibe in America is just stronger than in some other places.

Uberjak’d & Mates EP

Joining the American electronic music scene isn’t always an easy transition for an Australian. Despite suggesting that “we need subtitles when we’re talking sometimes”, New World Sound and Uberjak’d fit in perfectly. They make the transition seamless, suggesting that they are moving from one world of cultural and musical diversity to another.

I couldn’t even tell you one sound that Australia would be known for. Absolutely every single genre you can think of there’s probably someone in Australia that’s doing that sound on a worldwide scale. Obviously Flume is so successful, the bounce sound, the hardstyle guys, Pendulum. The diversity of music in Australia, it makes sense because Australia is such a multicultural culture.

New World Sound – Bounce That EP

Just like Australia, America is home to a plethora of genres and Melbourne bounce continues to be one of the fastest growing. So, what do the guys think about the music scene in the United States?

America’s a much bigger country so there’s so much more support. I think America really loves to embrace something and wants to own it in a good way, and then take it to the f*cking extreme.