Last week during Miami Music Week, a flash announcement surfaced from Hardwell and Uber that the tech company and world-renowned DJ had partnered up for one of the most unique parties to hit Miami. The concept the two parties devised was during an hour time slot, fans of Hardwell could type in “UberYACHT” into their Uber apps to hail a driver to take them to a secret location where they could get on a boat where Hardwell would DJ on the open blue. This innovative concept demonstrates the forward-thinking mentality of Uber as a company and the artists they work with.

Hardwell is one of the most popular artists right now in EDM and because of this was able to have great activation with the Uber app. It was rumored that over 100,000 people request an Uber during the time that UberYACHT was available, and the photos from the cruise validate exactly why so many people wanted to be on board. With support from Sam Feldt, Vice, and Digital Lab, this venture by both Hardwell and Uber shows a clear cut example of the innovative creations EDM artists can come up with if they just find the right partneres. Check out the video of Hardwell DJing on UberYACHT below!