Feenixpawl – Ghosts Feat. Melissa Ramsay


Feenixpawl – Ghosts Feat. Melissa Ramsay

O’ how beautiful it can be when worlds collide. The New York based rock n’ roll record label, Wind-Up Records, has made a progressive move into EDM with the launch of ‘Eclypse‘. To help rollout their new imprint they’ve linked up with Aussie duo, Feenixpawl, for the debut release, ‘Ghosts‘.

‘Ghosts’ is a fittingly dark track to start, but glimmers of hope shine through with hauntingly beautiful vocals from Melissa Ramsay; by the time the energy has reached it’s peak of the build the light at the end of the tunnel comes rushing over with massively melodic synth leads within a truly uplifting atmosphere. There’s no better way to roll out something as big as new record label that with a track this massive. It’s available only through Beatport, but you can stream it here, below!

Feenixpawl – Ghosts Feat. Melissa Ramsay  | Beatport Exclusive

Not only is Feenixpawl kicking Eclypse off with the first release, they’re partnering up with Wind-Up to run the label:

“It has been a dream of ours since this musical journey began to start our own record label. This is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to dance music and we’re truly privileged to bring this new venture to dance music fans.” – Aden Forte and Josh Soon (Feenixpawl)

Along with Feenixpawl’s enthusiasm, Wind-Up’s general manager, Alan Galbraith, shared in their excitement and had this to say:

“We’re excited about the artist Feenixpawl, and we’re equally excited that we can do something together creatively that’s on another level. It’s more than just a relationship between us and a very talented artist. It’s the opportunity to — with their input — get deeper into the electronic music space.”  

Based on ‘Ghosts’, we can only assume this label is going to be putting out some of the best melodic content out there, with big sounds and up-and-coming names. Let’s see where this teams takes things!

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