Steve James Returns in Style with Lucid Dreaming Vol. Two

Steve James – Lucid Dreaming Vol. Two

It’s been almost six months since we premiered Steve James‘ mix series, Lucid Dreaming, and just as the thirst for volume two became too unbearable to cope with, he’s quenched it. His timing couldn’t have been any better either, this lil’ gem is just in time for Miami Music Week. The prodigal mix returns as track-less as before too, something that will leave some burning for answers because this mix is full of unreleased SJ goodness and remixes that are practically begging to be added to your library.

Steve jumps right into with an ID edit of ZHU’s ‘Faded’, power packed with gritty electro synths, setting the tone for the hour ahead; one would think he’d keep at it with simple bangers and heavy hitting bass, but then they’d be wrong, O’ so very wrong. For the remainder of the mix Steve James sews together a tapestry of sounds across numerous styles. You know the intro Pete Tong’s Essential Mixes, “…it was deep, it was soulful, it was techno, it was disco, it was a kaleidoscope of sound, it was truly underground, New York Ibiza and Miami all wrapped up into one…I musta went to house heaven because nothing’s that divine.” Yeah? Well that’s pretty much exactly what this is.

It may be high-time we stop referring to this young man as a ‘wunderkind’, and start throwing him in the veterans league. This mix sounds like the work of a seasoned pro. Ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs, dark tones to uplifting vibes, grungy and sexual to majestic and joyous, this mix has it all and it’s done so….well lucidly. He’s seriously hit his goal of creating and immersive mix for his fans.

Ladies and gentlemen, we implore you to take a dive into the mind of Steve James for the next hour and revel in the sheer passion conveyed in the music. Soak it up now, because there’s no telling when we’ll get the lucid treatment again…unless of course you catch him in Miami this weekend.