Kill Paris Announces ‘Galaxies Between Us’ Album And Tour


Corey Baker, commonly known to us as Kill Paris, has coined an irrefutable style that acts as a sure fire way to identify his music from that of other sounds. He announced on February 25th that he will be producing his debut studio album that will comprise of his signature assonant. Baker’s trademarked sound of dulcet bass harmonies coalesced with funk and glitch defect components will be reconciled together to produce Galaxies Between Us.

Kill Paris has a prominent reputation for giving praise to his fans and has announced that keeping in line with his free music ideology, Galaxies Between Us will be available as a free download to all through his very own label, Sexy Electric. As if a free album wasn’t enough to make headlines, the Colorado producer revealed that as a follow-up to the album, he will also be going on tour. Baker, who was a supporting act to Bassnectar last fall, will have Louis Futon and Bee’s Knees as corroborative acts.

Galaxies Between Us will be available as a free download on April 14, 2015 and you can purchase tickets for Kill Paris’ tour here.