Kaskade Responds To Angry Fans After Redux Miami Sells Out In 2 Minutes

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Pew pew! Shots Fired!

On Wednesday, Chicago native Kaskade took to social media to remind fans that tickets had become available for purchase to his March 28 Redux show in Miami, warning fans to not “be the guy crying”. It appears the admonition was duly noted, as it took tickets all of two minutes to sell out. Now, we’ve all been there. If you’re an avid ticket purchaser, multiple monitors and tabs are open and ready in order to secure those highly coveted passes and sometimes it’s still not enough. However, Kaskade’s fans are not taking the debacle lightly.

Kaskade, who stood up to the LA times after the war against dance music occurred in 2013, is not adverse to speaking out against any circumstance he views as unjust. Following the uproar, the DJ/producer said “I see people on my [timeline] REALLY REALLY upset with me, …I’m putting this out there…Your anger is misdirected. Please use your head.”

Considering the popularity of Kaskade’s Redux movement, it’s no surprise the tickets priced at a feasible $40 sold out almost instantaneously, but disappointed and unsuccessfully purchasers can’t say they weren’t forewarned. Though at a costly price, Miami fans are still able to see Kaskade at Story Nightclub alongside Galantis with tickets priced at upwards of $75 for women and $200 for men. Ouch, I’m sure my wallet wasn’t the only one weeping at that prospect.

That being said, there is still humour to be found in the situation. For anyone with an appreciation for a little sass, Kaskade’s responses will make you crack a smile.

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