Elliphant – Never Been In Love (Bixel Edition)


Elliphant – Never Been In Love (Bixel Edition)

The #FREELIFE boys are back from a three month long stint in their studio-cacoon, and their emergence has revealed quite the metamorphosis. Ian and Rob, better known to you and I as the Bixel Boys, have been building a brand with their black n’ white-centeric aesthetics for some time now. With sports driven themes and collaborative projects in the fashion world (i.e. Youth Machine), the duo have grown a passionate and loyal fan-base; they’ve essentially drafted an all-star team of both fellow producers and fans, and its a force to reckoned with. They must’ve recognized this force, because they’ve turned their attention to the themes of civil unrest and revolt, and it’s bled into their music in an impressively profound way.

The Bixel Boys have cooked up quite the little dirty bomb in their studio, with a sonorous remix of Elliphant’s ‘Never Been In Love’. The rebellious Swedish singer made the original with plenty of triumphant vibes and raw emotion, but it’s come out of #FREELIFE operating room with some serious bite. Gone are the folksy guitar strums and organic percussion base, as they’ve been replaced with a sawtoothed synths, power chord electric guitar, and a bassline that pulsates with the fervor of a riotous crowd. The vocal filtering and isolation add to the gritty atmosphere as well; this track is a true rager, through and through.

Elliphant – Never Been In Love (Bixel Edition) | Download Available Soon

The #FREELIFE movement has been all about feeling comfortable with yourself, and owning who you are as an individual, since the beginning. Now that the individuals of the movement have been massed together, things can be taken to the next level. If you’ve kept up with their Facebook, and other social networks, you’ll have noticed this shift slowly occurring. Something big is gonna happen with these guys this year.

“We’ve been waiting a while to share this with you. Over the last year we’ve learned a lot, a lot about music, about touring, about clothing etc . . . but most importantly we learned about ourselves. It took that grinding and sharpening to realize who we are as creatives. This is the beginning. Thank you to Elliphant for the opportunity and helping us find ourselves. 2015 Change Everything. ‪#‎FREELIFE‬

2015 is seeing massive shifts occur in industry, from the movement away from “EDM” to future and deep house, to the way festivals are run, waves are being made. The Bixel Boys have been operating in the background for some time now, and it looks like they’re here to turn to scene on its head this year. We dunno about you guys, but this is damned exciting. Check out the track above, and stay tuned for the availability of the free download.