Electric Forest Organizers Put Cancellation Rumors To Rest

Anybody who has been to Electric Forest or has a friend who’s been knows that Sherwood Forest is considered to be a Holy Ground. Unfortunately, nature didn’t necessarily intend to hold a festival in that location and there have been issues in the past with Pine Beetles infesting areas of the forest. Recently, a Reddit user purported to have information that Electric Forest had contacted foresters to deal with an ongoing infestation of the forest. As the Internet tends to do, the situation grew to where rumors indicated that large swaths of the forest would need to be chopped down in the next few years to deal with the infestation. Naturally, this would devastate EForest devotees.

Luckily, the organizers behind Electric Forest took to Facebook to quell the rumors. They reiterated the past infestation and their commitment to the health of Sherwood Forest, but also reassured fans that there is no immediate threat to the beloved area and that the infestation has not returned as some have reported. Breathe a sigh of relief and remember that the only infestation of Sherwood Forest will be the hordes of EForest devotees returning to their hallowed ground. For more information about Electric Forest, you can visit their website here.