Beshken Remixes the Chris Brown Classic, “Kiss Kiss”

Just two weeks ago, up and coming producer Beshken dropped his brand new original track, “Hiro.” The track blew away Beshken’s fan base for its immersive qualities and distinctive style. The track established Beshken as a force to be reckoned with, as it is rare that a producer is able to deliver his own unique sound in the overcrowded electronic music world. On his most recent release, Beshken collaborated with Guestroom to take on the classic Chris Brown track, Kiss Kiss. Many of us can still remember awkward middle school dances soundtracked to the vocal crooning of Chris Brown. Beshken and Guestroom have brought the track back from the dead, reinvigorating it with his impeccable production to give it a modern makeover. The track starts slowly and rhythmically, allowing the iconic Chris Brown vocals to take the lead. The two producers slowly flaunt more of their abilities before exploding towards the end of the track with a crashing future bass synth. From there, the track delivers with shrill arpeggios and deep and dark drums to close out the track with a bang. You can grab the track below, as it was offered as a free download to celebrate Beshken reaching 10,000 SoundCloud followers. Beshken’s gift to his fans seems to be a celebration of everything the young producer has achieved while simultaneously a harbinger of all that is to come.