17 Year Old Nick Stokes is Killing it in the Underage Rave Game

17 Year Old Nick Stokes Thinks He Throws the Best Underage Parties
It’s not only DJs who are cashing in on electronic music.

Nick Stokes – a 17 year old from Melbourne, Australia – has been generating $4,500 a night in revenue throwing parties for underage Aussies. Nick’s parties host around 300 attendees, and he charges roughly $15 a head. After he pays the venue, DJ, security, lights and sound, and even photography, Nick pockets an impressive $1,200 for each event.

Victorian Police have monitored the underage raves, but haven’t found reason to shut them down. Nick’s ambition is impressive. The world of EDM has grown accustomed to massive events and festivals, but the small-time promoter plays a vital role in the backbone of the industry. Nick’s only just getting started, and we can’t blame him. He should have no difficulty getting a job in the industry – once he turns 18.

Via Stoney Roads