Meet The Real Josh Pan: A Collective Of 20 Talented People

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Up until February 12th, Josh Pan was just another young up and coming producer struggling to make it in the electronic music world. Pan released his first track a year ago and has consistently dropped standout songs ever since. Josh Pan was increasingly gaining popularity for his impeccable production and relaxed vibes. His most recent track “Nectar” even gained Skrillex’s public support, and his take on Kanye’s “Touch the Sky” gained over 100,000 views on Soundcloud. On February 12th, however, Josh Pan dropped the bombshell.

Josh Pan then updated their Soundcloud to say “‘josh pan’ is a design house//label//collective//dream-team based out of NYC.” They then list the full roster of collaborators on the project. Each collaborator subsequently tweeted about the project:

Jai Wolf- “It was a sensual experience and the secret titillated me for weeks. I’m so glad it’s out”

Y//2//K- “josh pan is more than a collective josh pan is a way of life when we have nothing else we truly have josh pan”

Manila Killa- “Amazing to see such a response from the public to our working with each other. Really looking forward to taking Nicole Lee out on a date.” Luca Lush- “Josh Pan Is Diplo. and by that, i mean a creative and experimental outlet by which an eclectic body of internet friends could push the envelope together.”

Lush’s comments highlight another bizarre chapter in the evolution of Josh Pan. Pan changed his Soundcloud name to Diplo a few months back, seemingly as a publicity stunt. The move was consistent with Josh Pan’s propensity for concealing their identity as a marketing gimmick.

Dirty Chocolate- “It was really great because it was composed of my peers and people that i genuinely like. How could i refuse.”

Pham- “Creating with some great artists was an honor. The best part was challenging ourselves to write tracks that were not in our own styles, Keeping it consistent, and releasing the tracks in no time. I think it made us re-value our creativity.”

Madeaux- “I found myself inducted into the group via Sean (Luca Lush). The cast of characters involved are really talented, it’s been an honor and a privilege to work alongside them.”

Harrison- “When I was approached with the idea, I thought these n****s were absolutely insane”

Yung Bae- “it’s been a very rewarding experience working with all of my url friends and watching this project grow”


Whispa- “Beck needs to respect artistry. he should have given his award to Josh Pan”

Flamingosis- ‘josh pan was one of the most important projects that i have ever been a part of. much love to all the other producers who contributed”

POLO spoke more cryptically, saying- “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”

Skrillex is also listed as the “father” of the collective on Josh Pan’s Soundcloud bio. He has recently shown Josh Pan support on social media, although his exact involvement with the collective is unclear. Future plans for Josh Pan are also up in the air, with some of the collective’s producers talking (although potentially joking) about a 2015 Josh Pan World Tour. The collective seems to prefer operating in mystery, and they recently sent out this enigmatic tweet:

With the recent success of anonymous producers such as Zhu, Josh Pan may have drawn inspiration from this model for success. Just as Zhu’s anonymity has given him significant media coverage and attention, Josh Pan’s stunt is sure to raise their profile in the electronic music world. Regardless, the collaboration of all these talented producers is an exciting endeavor, and we cannot wait to see what happens next.

Source: NestHQ