Police Mistake Large Crowd Of Photographers for “Protesting Ravers”

I think it’s time we address a serious issue our society is currently facing: photographers. They roam the streets in the droves and terrorize the public with their speed flashes, strobes, shutter clicks and “focus-beeps.” It’s an absolute plague. Luckily, police in East LA decided to take a stand against the shutter-bug menace. According to CBS Los Angeles, the police cited the group of nearly 1000 photographers for being “unruly and possibly creating mayhem.” This would make sense as the mob was kicked out of a rave, and preceded to “light things on fire” in what the police feared was a protest.

Really though this was actually a thing. Granted the above description is a strong exaggeration of the events that took place on the streets of East LA, but it is indeed true. The police later confirmed that the group was known as the “Flask Mob”. These photo mobs aren’t uncommon, and are undeniably harmless, however their large numbers that night are an understandable cause for concern; one would think the police could spot a bunch of cameras in their hands or in front of their faces, but I guess they were too distracted by the fireworks that were being lit (for photographic purposes). Perhaps things would’ve been different had this not been late at night outside a “rave?” We sincerely hope the nearby bass thumps and association with dance music didn’t have any influence on the policemen’s decision making (probably just the fireworks…). Technically nothing illegal was taking place, and luckily the photography enthusiasts were respectful and dispersed quickly. No arrests were made. Just a mixture of misunderstandings.