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OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

Tropical house is the perfect genre for any time. It epitomizes summer, makes winter bearable, and sets up the perfect night whether you are going out with friends or staying in. It’s simple feel good music. Felix Jaehn was one of the first movers since its inception and has nested his unique style into the dance music landscape. Last spring, he released a remix of OMI’s single “Cheerleader,” but for some reason, no one knew about it over here in the states.The German talent gracefully accents OMI’s croons with sprightly bongo taps, blasting trumpet harmonies, and gleaming piano melodies that embody paradise. To attest to the track’s craftsmanship, Jaehn’s remix has hit Top 10 on Shazam in 7 countries, Top 10 of Spotify in 14, and Top 10 of iTunes in 18 countries. If that doesn’t scream next-level, I don’t know what does. Stream the track below and see for yourself.