Father/Son Duo Create Custom Wood Turntables

 photo woodtables_zpsmmknl48u.jpg
The vinyl resurgence continues not only with the growing popularity of buying records, but with the innovation of new types of vinyl sleeves – doubling as MIDI controllers and more diverse styles of turntables, it was only a matter of time before an artistic approach was taken to the design as well.

A father-and-son duo from Seattle, the Walters, are using American black walnut trees as the base for their custom turntables. The components used to make the whole thing purr are from Rega, the top of the line turntable and audio equipment manufacturer from the UK. Their company is called Silvan Audio Workshop and up until a few weeks ago, have only been making these tables purely as a hobby but have recently started a Kickstarter to improve their workspaces in order for them to increase productivity. Their goal is $14,000 and are at $6,453 with 25 days left to go.

The wood is individually selected for each turntable to be a thing of beauty that will have almost as much impact when it’s silent as it will when you turn it up and start dancing.

At the moment, there are three models you can choose from: the Archer, the Champion and the Sampo that range between $750 and $2,250 and if you already have a Rega deck, conversion starts as low as $250.