EDM’s Savior Album is Here Courtesy of Savant

The very outspoken Joel Zimmerman or as many of you know him, Deadmau5, has spoken up on what could very well be the next hot ticket for the electronic dance music scene.

“[Savant] is the change EDM needs, if it doesn’t sink itself entirely.”

This breath of fresh air comes from none other than Aleksander Vinter. He’s had many aliases, but the one of concern here is Savant. Coming from the rare syndrome of the same name, this Norwegian producer has claimed this has given him wunderkind musical awareness and has graced him with the ability to produce at an incredible rate. He boasts to have already made 10,000 songs in his lifetime.

Savant has just dropped an 18 track album packed to the brim with uniqueness. Invasion is an hour and a half journey that bleeds genre lines more than ever before. With each track having something exclusive to itself, there is not one tune on here that outshines the other; the way these tracks compliment each other is an exemplary definition of teamwork. Every track builds off each other to create an interlinking story.

In the age of the ‘single’ and the window of what’s “hot and relevant” for a track dwindling all the time, Invasion touches of an impressive amount of elements that can make up an song that’s electronic in nature. From horn and sax solos to Daft Punk style melodies or the 8-bit gaming, electro and uplifting dubstep styles meshed together, the head of Mau5trap’s word seems to hold it’s merit.