Wembley Arena and 02 Arena Ban Selfie Sticks from All Events

Wembley Arena and 02 Arena Ban Selfie Sticks
Ah, the notorious Selfie Stick – it seems that no single cell phone accessory has ever caused such a stir. The entire concept of the “selfie” seemed to take over 2014: from #selfiesaturday to The Chainsmokers titular smash song, the world was obsessed with (or hate the modern-era’s take on the self-portrait). Stemming from the furor, the Selfie Stick was born, allowing you to achieve those never-before-thought-possible angles that your stubby little arm could never reach. Arguably one of last year’s hottest holiday gifts, it’s no surprise the Selfie Stick has been showing up en masse at concerts and festivals. In response, the UK-based Academy Music Group, has banned the accessories at their venues, including 02 Academy Brixton, 02 Arena in London, and SSE Wembley Arena. Academy issued the following statement:

“Selfie Sticks are not permitted at Academy Music Group venues. This is in keeping with our existing policy that prohibits the filming and photography during a performance with iPads and other tablet devices and includes any such obstructions for the satisfaction of other customers.”

It will be interesting to see if other venues follow suit, as Academy is the first major group to ban Selfie Sticks. Beyond the professional filming issue that Academy cited, the long metal sticks would seem to present a safety issue as well, as they could easily be used as a blunt weapon. It looks like we’ll have to wait and see if the selfie is here to stay or if the entire trend, sticks included, is best left in the past.

Via: Digital Music News