Tomorrowland Announces Pre-Registration For 2015 Installment


Although festival season might be over, the world’s largest dance music festival is preparing for its return. Today, Tomorrowland announced pre-registration details for its 2015 installment. While festival pre-registration might not seem like a big deal, Tomorrowland sold 360,000 tickets for their 2014 double-header in under an hour!

In a bid to give potential attendees some more confidence in their ability to attend the event, Tomorrowland will guarantee a pair of tickets for the first 10 people to sign up from each country. That being said, if you live in Vatican City, Christmas Island or another one of the world’s smallest countries by population, this is the contest for you. The whole process is certainly a far cry from the TomorrowWorld Pioneer sale and discount, but with TomorrowWorld’s rapidly growing success it might not be too long before its tickets become just as hard to get your hands on. Pre-Registration begins on January 9th at 4pm CET (or 10am Eastern time), so don’t miss out!

Source:  Tomorrowland