Tipper Releases Ambient Set From CoSM

Dave Tipper released his full ‘Chill Out’ set courtesy of widely renown artist and visionary, Alex Grey, and his CoSM production in New York. The surprise set was staged as an after party for a gathering of live art and meditation logically titled, “Art Church”, while funds from the event were used towards the construction of a transformative environment project called ‘Entheon‘. Tipper’s set, which took place in the dining hall at CoSM with “plenty of seating, cushions, and opportunity to contemplate” was also accompanied by live painting from Alex and Allyson Grey.

Tipper’s set was composed of an hour’s worth of unreleased ambient material drawn from production dating back as early as 2001. The special selection of tracks, that spans back 15 years, is one that surely was an original creation geared for this event in particular. This ambient side of tipper’s sound is thematically composed and is true to form ambient music incorporating skillful progressions, beautiful arcs, and quiet calms. Tipper will once again be paired with CoSM on May 15th in Red Rocks Amphitheater.