For $28,000, RiFF RAFF Will Be Your Prom Date

If you’re the kind of person to be jealous over the photos of RiFF RAFF wearing a full denim suit on the red carpet with Katy Perry hanging on his arm, then a bedazzling opportunity awaits you. The Neon Icon is always one to cause a stir with his inflated mannerisms and lavish approach to his technicolor lifestyle, and now you can take the man himself to your prom (that is if the money is right).

Over the weekend, Jody Highroller posted on Twitter that he will be your prom date for a mere $28,000. With this steal of a deal being brought to life, we almost wish that ‘Super Sweet 16’ was still airing! While some may argue that this amount of cash could buy you a lot more practical possession or adventures, others may argue that they can die happily knowing that they shared an evening with the Mad Decent artist.

So now we know there is a supply of such an experience, but is there a demand? Let us know in the comments how much you would pay to have the Neon Icon as your arm candy for the night.