The Prodigy Releases Title Track From ‘The Day Is My Enemy’, Wows Fans Yet Again


In their ongoing mission to create immeasurable amounts of hype for their first album release in 6 years, The Prodigy has continued to tease fans, and this time, with the release of the title track from The Day Is My Enemy. Prodigy member Zane Lowe premiered “The Day Is My Enemy” on BBC Radio 1 today, which was then played subsequent times in a row due to popular demand (and we can totally see why).

“The Day Is My Enemy” is infectious, industrial, heart pounding, sexy, dark and twisted. In other words, this release SCREAMS ‘The Prodigy’. Seductive female vocals are used to entice the listener in while raw and jagged electronic sounds explode throughout the track, leaving listeners merciless, spellbound and a little bit turned on. The Prodigy’s expert ability to craft a synonymous relationship between sexy, dark and high-octane thrill is the edge that the group is known and loved for. Judging from this release, it seems like The Day Is My Enemy promises to deliver the kind of quality and style that earned The Prodigy their stellar reputation in the electronic world.

Check out “The Day Is My Enemy” below and be sure to preorder the album, which is set to drop on March 30.