‘Magic Stick’ Rock Club Going Under the Knife, Changing Musical Identity.

A change is coming to the iconic Detroit live music venue, Magic Stick, in late Spring. With $300,000 dollars worth of renovations being conducted on the premise, this once thriving space for rockers is becoming more DJ friendly. By adding a bigger stage, new sound system and bathrooms with updates and cosmetic improvements throughout the venue.

Dave Zainea, the Majestic Complex owner is partnering with former Clutch Cargo’s owner Amir Daiza and said, “It’s something Amir and I have been thinking about it for two years.”

With the complex comprising more than just the Magic Stick, including more live music venues, for the time being, the Magic Stick will be the only property going under the knife. Construction on the project begins in a few weeks and is expected to be completed by April 15, with the renovations not affecting the other venues’ schedules in the complex.