LooKas Prepares For Battle With Latest Single, ‘Samurai’


LooKas – Samurai

Trap game maestro LooKas recently reached 100,000 likes on Facebook and rewarded his fans accordingly with a massive bootleg package. Now, he’s returning to original material with the announcement of his next single, ‘Samurai’

‘Samurai’ speeds it up a bit from the sound LooKas has become known for and demonstrates that he’s no one trick pony. Stepping away from his comfort zone clarifies that he can produce in numerous styles with the best of ‘em. He prepares the build with rapid snare drum percussives until he draws his ‘samurai sword’ and literally prepares for battle, as the preview is accompanied by home video of a man acrobatically fighting off lasers with a lightsaber. While it’s not quite a samurai battle, it is symbolic of the sound LooKas is trying to achieve and provides for some quality entertainment in the process. Check out the preview and complementing video below, and make sure to snag a copy on January 13th when the full track is released.