Internet Famous Christina ‘Naked Girl’ Platt Streaks Again at Afroman Show

23-year-old Christina Platt strikes again, or should we say streaks again. While we thought we had seen the last of her going ‘full monty’ during a Keys N Krates performance, Platt has proved us wrong. With her newfound stardom, Platt decided to strip nude during a performance by Afroman. After posing in a picture, it is clearly noticeable that Platt is fully nude, and even posted an instagram with a picture of her signed breast. While Platt has shown no evidence of being shy by posting her pictures to Facebook, the site itself has removed some of her pictures due to nudity. Platt’s internet fame may be short lived but her future employers will have no problem putting a face to her name with her image all over Google.

Additionally, Platt also wrote a statement explaining the reason behind her streaking and nudity before her second incident at Afroman took place, and had even alluded to it happening again the following weekend.

“I’d just like to take a moment to clarify my actions this past weekend and probably the next, too. I deal with elderly on a daily basis, I have even had residents die while I’m in the room with them. I streaked because I am beyond comfortable in my own skin, because I love living in the moment despite what society accepts as normal, because life is just too precious to take for granted. If my actions spoke for anything, I hope you take a second to appreciate how glorious life is.”

Whatever Platt’s stance on nudity may be, it doesn’t appear that she will be putting an end to such behavior anytime soon.