Go Along for the Ride of a Lifetime with deadmau5’s “Spirit of Gumball”

As a first-time participant in the Gumball 3000 last spring, Joel Zimmerman a.k.a. deadmau5 took his pimped-out, bright blue, cat-and-rainbow-emblazoned Ferrari 458 Italia, better known as the “Purrari,” all the way from Miami 2 Ibiza.  The week-long international cat-and-mau5 chase consisted of a one-day sprint up the East Coast from Florida to New York before a transatlantic journey on a chartered party plane (Purrari aboard) to the U.K.  Across the pond, deadmau5 kicked off his European leg of the international road race in London and wound through France and Spain.

Now, in a retrospective short film called “Spirit of Gumball,” you can go along for the ride with him and his co-driver buddy, Tory Belleci from Mythbusters.  In the movie, deadmau5 provides a glimpse into his journey from one notorious party city to the other, with tunes from his 2014 studio album while(1<2) as the soundtrack.  Except for a few run-ins with the law, the 7-day extravaganza went well and ended on a high note, with the mau5 and Tory winning the “Spirit of the Gumball” award.  Check it out below!