Eric Prydz Teams Up With Jeremy Olander For First Essential Mix of 2015
For the first Essential Mix of 2015, BBC Radio 1 not only got the legend Eric Prydz, but his protege Jeremy Olander as well. The mix must follow in the footsteps of Prydz’s last Essential Mix, which was named by Pete Tong as the 2013 Essential Mix of the Year. To help him pull of this feat, Prydz enlisted the help of his fellow swede and label mate Jeremy Olander. Olander grew up admiring Prydz, consistently sending him tracks until he finally listened. Before he knew it, he was producing an EP for Prydz’s Pryda Friends record label and was soon signed as the first ever Pryda Friends exclusive artist. Olander was the first DJ to ever be officially endorsed by Prydz, so it is only fitting that he is the one to join him on this Essential Mix.

The mix premiered today, living up to its astronomically high expectations. It delights the listener with the high energy and flawless mixing that Prydz is known for. The mix is littered with ID’s from Prydz under various aliases, succeeding in introducing the audience to a ton of new music from the legend himself. It also prominently features tracks from Olander, with highlights such as his remix of the Prydz classic, “Liberate,” and tracks such as “Roots” and “Goliath.” The mix successfully showcases the talents of both producers, combining new and old material from each. The mix is available to download on Prydz’s soundcloud, accompanied with a tracklist.