Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Are Taking on the Bollywood Film Industry


The Bollywood film industry is one of the largest in the world. Based centrally in Mumbai, India, Bollywood films are known for its stylized pictures and heavy use of cultural music and dancing. That being said, it only makes sense that one of the biggest electronic music acts has partnered with one of the industry’s most prominent figures. While performing in India for Sunburn Festival Goa, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike announced that they are working on a film project with Salman Khan. Khan is one of the most successful actors and producers in Bollywood, so having all these superstars working on one project is truly groundbreaking.

While there isn’t too many details out right now, Dimitri spoke to the press saying:

We are doing little bit (of music) in Bollywood. Thanks to Salman Khan, we are doing behind the scene music. There will be more news on that soon. At this moment, we are talking about it (project with Salman Khan) and we intend to do some more stuff in future.

Since Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have written anthems for the massive festival Tomorrowland, the Indian press was very anxious to hear about if the festival will be making a stop in India. Those rumors were put to rest for the time being when he stated:

Even though there are lot of people coming for Tomorrowland, it is unique to be here in the other side of the world. At this time no. In the next step Tomorrowland is going to be Brazil.

Via DNAIndia