10 reasons why Spring Weekend will be all the talk of spring break 2015

Spring Weekend 1

The spring semester is now underway for many college students across the nation, and with that, so are the thoughts of Spring Break. While many spring break hot spots can boast parties around sunny beaches, few can boast hosting one of the nation’s premier music festivals, Spring Weekend. Tickets to this year’s event are now officially back on sale after early-birds sold out in less than a day last week. If you need any more reason to attend, we’ve provided 10 reasons below as to why Spring Weekend will be the hottest place to be this spring break.

Spring Weekend Tickets

1. CHEAP TICKET PRICES. With two day general admission tickets starting at only $124.99, tickets to Spring Weekend are cheaper than ever. However, if you’re willing to shell out a few extra dollars, you can snag the VIP package for $179.99. If you’re balling on a budget, payment plans are also available for only $45 down on GA tickets, and $75 down for VIP tickets.

2. THEME PARK GRADE WATERSLIDE, enough said. For this year’s Spring Weekend, all VIP ticket holders will have unlimited access to a massive water slide built directly on the beach with an exclusive cabana section alongside. Spring Weekend is the first event to hold such an attraction, and for that reason alone you should be making your way to Florida. Speaking of Florida, this brings us to the next reason…

3. PANAMA CITY BEACH. This is still spring break after all right? Then it’s only appropriate that the nation’s largest collegiate festival be held in one of the nation’s most renown spring break destinations. Known for the largest spring break parties in the country, Panama City Beach is the perfect location Spring Weekend with parties being held constantly both in the festival and out. If you’re looking for the perfect place for you and all your friends to create unique memories that will last a life time, there is no location more ideal than here. Hot, sunny beaches may seem like only a daydream right now, but give it a few months and it’ll be a reality.

4. EYE CANDY. For a majority of the people across the nation, the months from October to March are spent in the freezing cold. It’s also the months when thousands of attendees spend their time preparing and working hard on their spring break bodies. Bulking, cutting, and dieting, it all leads up this one event, and Spring Weekend draws the cream of the crop. There’s nothing like a beach festival to attract the best looking crowd in the Southeast .

Spring Weekend Setup

5. PERFECT FESTIVAL SETUP. One of the best parts of Spring Weekend is its ideal and convenient setup. While at most festivals it is a drag to get to and from your hotel, Spring Weekend makes it extremely easy. Hotels are located just above the beach, only a few steps away from the event itself. What is even better is its re-entry policy. Forget something in your room? Not a problem just go back and get it! Want to keep the party going after the day is over? Just head upstairs or walk around. Need to refill your Spring Weekend mug? Won’t take long. Even better are the pools that are conveniently located between the beach and your room, you know, in case you and your friends want to take a late night dip.

Spring Weekend Production

6. MIND BLOWING PRODUCTION. Few festivals, if any, get to boast the unique beachfront property the way Spring Weekend can. Two unique stages, custom built on the sand for a one-of-a-kind festival. Party at the day stage from dawn to dusk, then head on over to the second stage for an amazing night-time experience with world class headliners. If you haven’t checked out the production from last year, take a look below.

7. UNDISCOVERED TALENT. While the world renown headliners lead the charge during the night portion of the event, it’s the local and upcoming talent that fuels the day. Each year Spring Weekend debuts the best up and coming DJs from across Florida to premier their perfectly crafted set. Though the headliners are the most anticipated acts of Spring Weekend, you may just find your next favorite artist without even looking.

8. SAVING WHERE IT COUNTS. The cheap ticket price isn’t the only way you’ll be saving money by attending Spring Weekend. What’s great about this festival is that you don’t have to come worried about wasting hundreds of spending dollars. Water refill stations are conveniently located throughout the entire festival along with free Redbull for VIP ticket holders. Spring Weekend mugs (included in VIP ticket packages, available to pre-order or available for purchase on site) can be used during the entire event to hold any large beverage of your choice. Food vendors will also be conveniently located on site. However, if you don’t want to buy food, a trip up to your room for lunch won’t take long either, assuming you’re able to break away from the party!

9. ENDLESS HOTEL OPTIONS. While booking your hotel for any event is usually a chore, Spring Weekend makes it exceptionally easy for you. Located on their website is a list of all surrounding hotels, along with a discount code that will save you money when booking at each. Prices are listed for you, ranging from $25-49 per person each night (based on 4 person occupancy). For those who want to sleep under the stars, camping options are available as well.

10. PRE PARTY. Each year Spring Weekend puts on a massive show the day prior to the festival in Tallahassee, Florida with one additional headliner not featured on the lineup. The quick stop before the Panhandle is a perfect way to either take a rest from your drive, or get the party started early, whichever way you choose to see it. Last years show featured GTA at Coliseum in Tallahaseee, and rumors have it that this year’s will be bigger.

Tickets to Spring Weekend can be purchased on its website here.