Watch the Official Music Video for Calvin Harris’ & Ummet Ozcan’s Overdrive (Part 2)

Following the release of his fourth studio album Motion in November, everyone expected Calvin Harris to enlist a star-studded cast of remix artists for songs on the album. So far, his number one hit ‘Summer’ is the only track to receive a remix package, but the Scotsman did jump back in the studio with album collaborator Ummet Ozcan for a different kind of surprise.

Ozcan and Harris must have felt that Overdrive was not complete, so they decided to hit the studio to create “Overdrive (Part 2),” accompanied by an official music video. Part 2 utilizes a similar horn that is present in part 1; the sound that has made Ummet Ozcan famous. The melody and drop certainly differ from Part 1, but many elements throughout both songs are the same that this could be mistaken as a self-remixed tune. Despite the similarities, Part 2 definitely turns up the energy, making it more appealing to certain audiences. The pumping beats are of course accompanied by live shots of Harris and Ozcan at work behind the decks. Check out the video below, and you can purchase “Overdrive (Part 2)” on Beatport.