‘True Life: I’m Hooked on Molly’ To Air Tonight on MTV

True Life: I

Ever since 1998, one of MTV‘s flagship shows has been their documentary series True LifeThe program gives viewers an inside look at the lives of people associated with a particular issue and this week will focus on people who are ‘hooked on molly’. Earlier in the year, MTV sent out a casting call which read:

 Do you take Molly — the powdered form of MDMA — so often that it feels like you can’t have a good time without it?  Is it affecting your ability to function during the day? Is your Molly use no longer confined to the occasional party and starting to become more serious?

If you appear between the ages of 18-28 and think you are addicted to Molly, we want to hear your story. Email us at molly@mtv.com. Please be sure to include your name, location, telephone number, a recent photo and a brief description of your situation.

Apparently, quite a few people identified with this description and the subsequent episode, True Life: I’m Hooked on Molly, is set to debut. The drug, which is which is the primary ingredient in ecstasy (MDMA), is often associated with rave culture and the network is fully aware of that. The episode’s descriptions states that ‘a drug associated with clubs and dancing is examined’ and the trailer is full of electronic music references. The episode will air tonight (Tuesday, December 9th) at 10pm EST/ 9pm CT and we expect it to be met with a significant amount of criticism from the dance music community.

via MTV