Toddler Gets Down to Crave You, Makes Friday Passable

Toddler Gets Down to Dubstep

As festivals across the country continue to increase their age limit to 18 and over, the fans keep getting younger and younger. Another in the line of toddlers getting down to dance music, we present to you a young fellow named Tegan getting down to  everyone’s favorite Adventure Club’s  remix,  Crave You

The young man methodically plans out his moves, slowing down during the breakdowns and truly working his moves during the drops. Make sure to pay close attention at the 2:15 mark when he really breaks it down. His dance includes all the basic elements, even the use of props when he dramatically smashes his toy car to the ground. Those of you who do not possess the natural ability to dance can take a page out of this kid’s book before you head out to your next music festival; you might learn a thing or two. Check out the hilarious video below, and feel free to share other dancing child videos that compare to this one. It’s Friday, so we know you’re not doing anything more productive at work anyways.